We serve some of the best pizza around. Our unique approach and original flavors
make Baker Street the only place for an unbeatable square slice!

Our Artisan Pizzas & Tomato Pies are a little different. Here's why...

We would never compromise on our bread quality any more than we would on our pizza quality. 
So we don't! Just like our artisan breads, the longer rising times of our pizza dough result in a much more flavorful and developed crust. Combine this great thick crust with simple, fresh sauce,
and a secret blend of cheeses and you have something a little different... something special! 

We are a little different than the corner pizza shop. In order to allow for all the extra time it takes us to bake these special pizzas, our ordering procedure is a little different as well.

We only bake pizza twice a day, at 11:30AM for the lunch and afternoon and at 4:30PM for dinner and evenings. Our deadline to order is 9:00AM for the 11:30AM bake and by 2:00PM for the 4:30PM bake. Of course, many of our customers order up to one week in advance to "reserve their dough". If you are picking up a pizza later than the bake time, no worries! Our artisan pizza is designed to heat up easily and taste just as fresh out of your oven (and some love it at room temperature). You will be rewarded with a unique pizza experience!

We offer three varieties; Three Cheese Artisan, Pepperoni, and Spinach & Ricotta. They are all a little different... and something special! We put the same time & quality into our pizzas as we do into our Tomato Pie. This Philly original is made with an all-natural tomato sauce that has daily fresh roasted garlic, oregano, medium aged shredded parmesan, & is lightly dusted with parmesan reggiano.

Family pizza night, work, school functions, tailgates, or parties... Make Baker Street Artisan Pizzas & Tomato Pies a part of your life!